Wind Turbine Noise Sleep and Health by Dr Hanning

Dr. Christopher Hanning concludes in "Wind Turibne Noise, Sleep and Health"

“…there is compelling evidence that wind turbine noise can and does disturb sleep and impair the health of those living too close and that current guidance is inadequate protection.”

“In my expert opinion, from my knowledge of sleep physiology and a review of the available research, I have no doubt that wind turbine noise emissions have been clearly associated with sleep disturbances.”

Dr. Hanning has nearly 30 years experience in sleep and its disorders. His expertise in this field has been accepted by the civil, criminal and family courts. Further details about his credentials are cited in the paper.

The paper will be updated from time to time so please check that you have the latest version from the Society for Wind Vigilance website.

Current version

Click here to download Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep and Health, November 2010