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This page contains references on wind turbines and adverse health effects.


Jerry L. Punch, Richard R. James Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health:A Four-Decade History of Evidence that Wind Turbines Pose Risks

Relevant information about Health Canada and Canada's industry-led government supported Wind Technology Road Map

The August 2011 edition of The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society focuses on the impacts of wind turbines on communities. This special edition entitled Wind Farms Communities and Ecosystems contains nine peer reviewed articles.


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Bronzaft, AL, (2011) The Noise from WindTurbines: Potential Adverse Impacts on Children's Well-Being, Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 2011 31: 256, DOI: 10.1177/0270467611412548, (Original article available at 
Harrison, JP, (2011), Wind Turbine Noise, Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 2011 31: 256, DOI: 10.1177/0270467611412549, (Original article available at 
Krogh, CME, (2011), Industrial Wind Turbine Development andLoss of Social Justice? Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 2011 31: 321, DOI: 10.1177/0270467611412550, (Original article available at 
McMurtry, RY, Toward a Case Definition of Adverse HealthEffects in the Environs of Industrial Wind Turbines: Facilitating a ClinicalDiagnosis, Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 2011 31: 316, DOI: 10.1177/0270467611415075, (Original article available at 

Salt, AN, and Kaltenbach, JA,  Infrasound From WindTurbines Could Affect Humans, Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 2011 31: 296, DOI: 10.1177/0270467611412555,  (Original article available at

Shain, M, (2011), Public Health Ethics, Legitimacy,and the Challenges of Industrial Wind Turbines: The Case of Ontario, Canada, Bulletin of Science Technology & Society, 2011 31: 256, DOI: 10.1177/0270467611412552, (Original article available at


A summary of some peer reviewed and conference articles, their abstracts and citations, regarding adverse health effects and wind turbines
Wind Turbines Can Harm Humans: Handout

Carmen Krogh presented three papers on wind turbine noise at the Inter Noise 2012 conference in New York City. 

Click to download the three papers: 

Wind turbines can harm humans: a case study 

Annoyance can represent a serious degradation of health: wind turbine noise a case study 

Wind turbine noise perception, pathways and effects: a case study 


Society for Wind Vigilance Global Guideline for the Minimum Siting Distance of Industrial Wind Turbines

April 4, 2012


Wind Turbines and Proximity to Homes:  

The Impact of Wind Turbine Noise on Health 

A review of the literature and discussion of the issues. 

Barbara J Frey & Peter J Hadden

January 2012  


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Presentation to the

Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources (Canada)

Industrial Wind Turbines and Health

Wind Turbines Can Harm Humans

Carmen Krogh & Beth Harrington

October 18, 2011


Click here to download:

Presentation at the 10th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem (ICBEN) 2011

Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines: a preliminary report

Michael Nissenbaum MD, Jeff Aramini PhD, Chris Hanning MD

July 2011